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Exif explained
Canon PS S50 explained
Canon LensID
camera information Updated
makernote identifier Updated
GPS tag info

Agfa type-1
Agfa type-2
Agfa type-3
Agfa type-4
Agfa type-5
Agfa type-10
Agfa type-20
Agfa type-30
Agfa type-40
Agfa type-99
Apple type-0
BenQ type-0
BenQ type-1
BenQ type-2
BenQ type-3
BenQ type-4
BenQ type-5
BenQ type-6
BenQ type-7
BenQ type-8
BenQ type-10
BenQ type-11
BenQ type-12
BenQ type-13
BenQ type-20
BenQ type-30
BenQ type-99
Canon type-0
Canon type-1
Casio type-1
Casio type-2
Casio type-10
Casio type-11
Cec type-99
DoCoMo type-0
DoCoMo type-1
DoCoMo type-10
DoCoMo type-20
DoCoMo type-99
Epson type-0
Epson type-1
FujiFilm type-0 Updated
FujiFilm type-1 Updated
FujiFilm type-10 Updated
FujiFilm type-90 Updated
FujiFilm type-99 Updated
Hp type-0
Hp type-1
Hp type-2
Hp type-3
Hp type-4
Hp type-6
Hp type-7
Hp type-9
Hp type-10
Hp type-81
Hp type-82
Hp type-83
Hp type-89
Hp type-99
Htc type-0
Jvc type-0
Jvc type-1
Jvc type-2
Kddi type-0
Kddi type-1
Kddi type-2
Kddi type-3
Kodak type-0
Kodak type-1
Kodak type-2
Kodak type-3
Kodak type-4
Kodak type-5
Kodak type-6
Kodak type-7
Kodak type-8
Kodak type-9
Kodak type-11
Kodak type-12
Kodak type-13
Kodak type-20
Kodak type-21
Kyocera type-0
Kyocera type-1
Kyocera type-2
Kyocera type-3
leica type-0
leica type-1
leica type-2
leica type-3
leica type-4
Lg type-0
Lumicron type-0 Updated
Lumicron type-30 Updated
Lumicron type-91 Updated
Lumicron type-92 Updated
Medion type-2
Medion type-3
Medion type-10
Medion type-20
Medion type-24
Medion type-30
Medion type-40
Medion type-50
Medion type-70
Medion type-99
Minolta type-0
Minolta type-7
Minolta type-8
Minolta tag-0x0001
Minolta tag-0x0004
Minolta tag-0x0114
Nikon type-0
Nikon type-1
Nikon type-2
Nikon type-3
Nokia type-0
Nokia type-99
Noritsu type-0
Olympus type-0
Olympus type-1
Olympus type-2
olympus tag-0x2010
olympus tag-0x2020
olympus tag-0x2030
olympus tag-0x2031
olympus tag-0x2040
olympus tag-0x2050-1
olympus tag-0x2050-2
olympus tag-0x2100
olympus tag-0x2200
olympus tag-0x2300
olympus tag-0x2400
olympus tag-0x2500
olympus tag-0x2600
olympus tag-0x2700
olympus tag-0x2800
olympus tag-0x2900
olympus tag-0x3000
olympus tag-0x4000
olympus tag-0x5000
Panasonic type-0
Panasonic type-1
Panasonic type-2
Panasonic type-3
Panasonic type-10
Panasonic type-99
Pentax type-0
Pentax type-1
Pentax type-2
Pentax type-3
Pentax type-4
Pentax type-10
Pentax type-20
Pentax type-21
Pentax type-22
Pentax-3 tag0x0034
Pentax-3 tag0x005c
Pentax-3 tag0x0205
Pentax-3 tag0x0206
Pentax-3 tag0x0207
Pentax-3 tag0x0208
Pentax-3 tag0x0215
Pentax-3 tag0x0216
Pentax-3 tag0x021f
Pentax-3 tag0x0222
Pentax-3 tag0x0224
Pentax-3 tag0x0226
Pentax-3 tag0x0227
Pentax-3 tag0x0228
Pentax-3 tag0x022a
Pentax-3 tag0x022b
Pentax-3 tag0x022c
Pentax-3 tag0x022d
Pentax-3 tag0x0232
Pentax-3 tag0x0233
Pentax-3 tag0x0239
Pentax-3 tag0x03ff-1
Pentax-3 tag0x03ff-2
Phaseone type-0
Polaroid type-0
Polaroid type-1
Polaroid type-2
Polaroid type-3
Polaroid type-10
Polaroid type-11
Polaroid type-12
Polaroid type-20
Polaroid type-21
Polaroid type-22
Polaroid type-23
Polaroid type-24
Polaroid type-25
Polaroid type-30
Polaroid type-99
Ricoh type-3
Rim type-0
Rim type-1
Rim type-99
Samsung type-0
Samsung type-1
Samsung type-2
Samsung type-3
Samsung type-4
Samsung type-5
Samsung type-6
Samsung type-10
Samsung type-11
Samsung type-12
Samsung type-13
Samsung type-20
Samsung type-21
Samsung type-22
Samsung type-23
Samsung type-30
Samsung type-40
Samsung type-70
Samsung type-71
Samsung type-80
Samsung type-81
Samsung type-91
Samsung type-98
Samsung type-99
Sanyo type-0
Sanyo type-1
Sharp type-0
Sharp type-1
Sharp type-2
Sharp type-3
Sharp type-10
Sigma type-1
Sigma type-2
Sigma type-3
Sony type-0
Sony type-1
Sony type-2
Sony type-3
Sony type-4
Sony type-5
Sony type-6
Sony type-7
Sony type-8
Sony type-9
Sony tag-0x0114
Sony tag-0xb028
SQ type-0 Updated
Toshiba type0
Toshiba type1
Toshiba type2
Toshiba type3
Toshiba type4
Toshiba type5
Toshiba type6
Toshiba type7
Toshiba type9
Vivitar type0
Vivitar type1
Vivitar type2
Vivitar type3
Vivitar type4
Vivitar type5
Vivitar type6
Vivitar type9
Vivitar1 tag-0x2010
Vivitar1 tag-0x2020
Vivitar1 tag-0x2025
Vivitar1 tag-0x2030
Vivitar1 tag-0x2040
Vivitar1 tag-0x2050

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 Binairy breakdown of a Canon Powershot S50 photo 

900KB the photo I used,

With the help of my Exif tool I created some files, it's all very basic, nothing fancy:
Report-1 containing all possible known and unknown information in de photo
Report-2 containing a [TAB] seperated information file, looks messy but can be loaded in Excel
Report-3 containing a binairy display of the photo, for debug purposes

Explanation in 'simple' words what I figured out and found on the internet

Remarks and or questions contact me