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 Me: Ger Vermeulen 2018-05-04
Some stuff I spend to much time on:
  • My Webserver: story about me experiences
  • My programming: I'm a Borland Delphi fan
  • Experimenting witf APP creation, display solarpanel realtime production numbers
  • My digital camera: Canon Powershot S50, replaced by SONY HX50V
  • Exif and makernote Tag: a hobby
 Exif 2005-10-17
I'.m trying to collect all known information about EXIF tag's.
  • How to decode hidden information in the JPG photo, made by a digital camera.
  • EXIF tag's
  • Maker specific tag's
  • Any other reletad info
The goal is the create a photo management tool. If stores / manages information in the JPG, without any distroying EXIF information.
As a start I am working on an EXIF reader, extending every day.

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 Download 2005-10-17
My first release of GexifView. A program decoding all tag's: Exif and Makernotes for pictures taken with a digital camara.
Please give remarks, approvements, or pointers to errors to improve the program.

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