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  The dark world of EXIF 2005-08-20

My project is still ongoing: "EXIF": explore the dark world of digital camera builders. The camera manufacturers put a lot of data (information) in there photo's (jpg).
Many Questions:
- Why don't they document this. Small parts can be found on the web.
- Which parts are important.
- How can this help me the become a better photographer.
- Maybe it can help me in indexing the photo's

Another thing with a digital camera are the "negatives". In the old days we put all photo's in an album and put the negatives in a box on the attic. But in modern multimedia time, we need to have the "many" photos online, categorised, etc.
  My programming 2005-08-20

I started in Borland Delphi with the code from "dEXIF" (Thanks Gerry McGuire I'll buy you a beer). I have seen a lot other tools, but I missed an area with uptodate specifications (1), which is the first part to make a good new tool.

Some calculations:
- last year I took 2000 pictures 1-2 MB each (~ 3,5 Gb).
- the indexing and filtering tool (10 MB).
- high quality thumbnails (2) for fast access 2000 pictures 50 KB each (100 Mb).
This results in a 4,7 DVD disk a year.
A master index (3) for filtering during the last 5 years.
Example: I want all the pictures from my son / dog / car / etc, during the last 3 years.