EXIF: Vivitar tag0x2030 Makernotes

This tags are used by Olympus and Vivitar2

Please report any faults, or missing stuff, thanks in advance Ger

Vivitar tag0x2030 Tag overview

Tag nr hexnrDescription
Entries-Olympus-0x2030 Dump
0x0000 0Raw Dev Version
0x0100 256Raw Dev Exposure Bias Value
0x0101 257Raw Dev White Balance Value
0x0102 258Raw Dev WB Fine Adjustment
0x0103 259Raw Dev Gray Point
0x0104 260Raw Dev Saturation Emphasis
0x0105 261Raw Dev Memory Color Emphasis
Tag nr hexnrDescription
0x0106 262Raw Dev Contrast
0x0107 263Raw Dev Sharpness
0x0108 264Raw Dev Color Space
0x0109 265Raw Dev Engine
0x010a 266Raw Dev Noise Reduction
0x010b 267Raw Dev Edit Status
0x010c 268Raw Dev Settings

Vivitar tag0x2030 Detailed Tag overview

Tag nr hex
nr Data size Data type Tag Name
# 0x... xxxxxxx

 Detailed tag overview
- 2 bytes uShort16 Olympus-0x2030 Dump
  Number of entries in preview image
0 4 bytes Undefined8[4] Raw Dev Version
  Values 010. and 0100
Vivitar-2 0x30313030 0100
256 8 bytes sRatio64 Raw Dev Exposure Bias Value
  Always 0/1
257 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev White Balance Value
  Always 0
258 2 bytes sShort16 Raw Dev WB Fine Adjustment
  Always 0
259 6 bytes uShort16[3] Raw Dev Gray Point
  Always 0-0-0
260 6 bytes sShort16[3] Raw Dev Saturation Emphasis
  Always 0-0-0
261 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Memory Color Emphasis
  Always 0
262 6 bytes sShort16[3] Raw Dev Contrast
  Always 0-0-0
263 6 bytes sShort16[3] Raw Dev Sharpness
  Always 0-0-0
264 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Color Space
  Range 0-2
0 0x0000 sRGB
1 0x0001 Adobe RGB
2 0x0002Pro Photo RGB
265 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Engine
  Range 0-3
0 0x0000 High Speed
1 0x0001High Function
2 0x0002Advanced High Speed
3 0x0003Advanced High Function
266 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Noise Reduction
  Range 0-3
b- 0x.... Off
b0 0x....Noise Reduction On
b1 0x....Noise Filter On
b2 0x....Noise Filter (ISO Boost) On
267 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Edit Status
  Always 0
0 0x0000 Original
1 0x0001Edited (Landscape)
6 0x0006Edited (Portrait)
8 0x0008Edited (Portrait)
Vivitar-2 0x0000 0
268 2 bytes uShort16 Raw Dev Settings
  Always 0
b- 0x.... n/a
b0 0x....WB Color Temp
b1 0x....WB Gray Point
b2 0x....Saturation
b3 0x....Contrast
b4 0x....Sharpness
b5 0x....ColorSpace
b6 0x....High Function
b7 0x....Noise Reduction
2048 164 bytes uLong_32[41] Olympus-1-0x2030-0x0800

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